Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD) program

21 March 2018

A leadership program designed specifically for you – the grower – and delivered through a series of workshops.


The LEAD program gives you the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with leaders across a range of industries. You will develop practical skills to take back on farm and improve your business now, and into the future. You will build the vision, desire and tools to make a difference to your industry.

What topics will be covered?

The topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Crisis management
  • Effective lobbying
  • International trade
  • Workplace culture
  • Managing teams
  • Biosecurity
  • Decision making
  • Organisational governance and change

Who is involved?

The program is delivered in collaboration with a range of other industries apart from the persimmon industry – including avocado, banana, melon, strawberry, pineapple, lychee and  passionfruit. You’ll be placed in a group that includes a cross-section of growers. Expert facilitators and speakers will present the content.

How is this program delivered?

The LEAD program involves two in-person workshops and four webinars.

The first workshop takes place in Canberra, and the second in Brisbane. To be part of the program, you will need to commit to both workshops.

When does it start?

Participants will be split into two groups. The first starts the program in July 2018, the second in October 2018. For further details, see ‘Where I can I find out more?’ below.

When do I need to register?

Registrations are open now and places are limited. Please complete and return the LEAD Registration Form

What does it cost?

The workshop is free and accommodation is provided. Participants will be responsible for the payment of travel, plus breakfast, one dinner, taxi fares and beverage costs.

Where can I find out more?

For more information on the program, contact Persimmons Australia Executive Officer Alison Fuss on (07) 4637 9925 or via admin@persimmonsaustralia.com.au

The LEAD program has been made possible through the Leadership in Agricultural Industries Fund, administered by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to support Australian agricultural industry.