The Original Persimmon

  • Original Persimmons are large, heart shaped fruits, ranging in colour from pale orange to deep red-orange
  • Well known to older generations, Original Persimmons need to be harvested once fully mature and are ready for eating when the flesh is soft, jelly-like and very sweet. If this variety is eaten too early, the astringency will be unpleasant

The Sweet Persimmon

  • Also known as the Fuyu Fruit
  • The Sweet Persimmon is round, with a diameter of around 10cm. The fruit has a slightly flattened top that holds their green stem (calyx)
  • They range in colour from pale orange to a deep red-orange
  • Sweet Persimmons can be eaten when crisp and crunchy or when soft depending on consumer preference
  • Sweet Persimmons peel is edible
  • have been harvested in Australia since 1977