2019 Persimmon Industry Conference – Save the Date

8 February 2019
2019 Persimmon Industry Conference – Save the Date

Australian Persimmon Industry Conference & Field Day
18th to 20th June 2019

Perth, WA

Interested or new to growing persimmons? This two-and-a-half-day industry event offers you the opportunity to learn about the growing requirements for this delicious, autumnal fruit. Visit persimmon orchards in the Perth Hills and see how produce is sold at the markets.

Established growers from across Australia will be updated on the current recommendations for persimmon production and marketing. Expect a speaker line up including a lot of fresh, new faces, including Dr Tahir Khurshid from NSW Department of Primary Industries. Dr Khurshid will be present throughout this industry event – sharing his vision and enthusiasm for the Australian persimmon industry to be based on carefully selected and clonally propagated rootstocks.

Other industry stakeholders, including marketers and product suppliers, are encouraged to attend.

Details to be released soon.

Contact: Alison Fuss, Executive Officer, Persimmons Australia Inc, 07 4637 9925 or admin@persimmonsaustralia.com.au

This project has been funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the research and development persimmon levy and funds from the Australian Government.