• Australia produces approximately 2500 tonnes annually, less than 1% of world production
  • Queensland is the major producing state
  • Production also occurs in coastal NSW, the Goulburn and Murray valleys in Vic and SA and south east WA
  • Original (astringent) persimmon has been grown for decades in Australia most commonly as a decorative tree in home gardens. If eaten firm it will ‘suck your mouth dry’ with the astringency. It is not a pleasant experience and for those who eat it incorrectly and it is a major turn off for persimmon consumption. They must be left till mushy soft before consuming
  • Commercial production now confined to regions around Sydney, ie: along the Nepean River with a lot of the production going into the farmers markets in Sydney
  • Sweet persimmon (Non astringent) introduced to Australia in late 1970’s now equates for greater than 90% of production. It can be eaten firm or left till mushy soft like the original persimmon


Persimmons are in season from late February to mid June (Autumn – Winter).