Why persimmons are good for you

  • Persimmons have a similar amount of fibre as Apples.
  • Persimmons are virtually fat free.
  • Persimmons are rich in vitamin C and contain beta carotene.

NUTRITION INFORMATION Serving size: 150g (2 small persimmons raw)

Persimmons Nutrient Values – Av QTY Per serve  
Energy 447kJ
Protein 0.9 g
Total fat 0.3 g
Saturated fat 0.0 g
Carbohydrate 24.2 g
Sugars 24.2 g
Dietary fibre 3.9 g
Sodium 9 mg
Niacin eq 1 mg
Vitamin C 21 mg
Vitamin E 1.1 mg
Total polyphenols 332mg GAE
Beta-carotene 1240 ug

Source: Aust Food Comp Data [ GAE means Gallic Acid Equivalents]