Persimmons are very versatile in the kitchen and their unassuming sweetness marries brilliantly with flavours like smoked poultry, cured meats, cheese, nuts and bitter salad leaves. They also go very well in South-east Asian style salads, as the ‘sweet’ element, together with hot, sour and salty.

Fun ways with Persimmons

  • Wrap proscuitto around wedges of Persimmon and serve as an exciting and attractive finger food
  • Persimmon chunks can be added to curry for fruity flavour
  • Include thin slices of Persimmon as a feature on your next cheese platter for striking look and flavour
  • Add a Persimmon to school lunch boxes
  • Include Persimmons for a sweet and unique touch in fruit salads
  • For an special treat, try a Persimmon fruit crumble
  • Dip wedges of Persimmon into low fat yoghurt flavoured with honey and a little cinnamon as a healthy snack
  • Add slices of Persimmon on hot of cold cereal for a new take on breakfast
  • Persimmons are perfect with dairy desserts, whether fresh and crisp or as a pulp or puree